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Paint in Photoshop Like a Color Expert
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Photoshop Digital Painting Made Easy

If you love to paint portraits, draw characters or create fantasy environments, painting digitally is a lot of fun. But for most digital artists and those who are learning to paint, color is challenging, intimidating and one of the most difficult subjects to learn.

I first started digital painting way back 1994 when I was working as an animator for a video game company. This was with Photoshop version 3.0 and before the first Wacom digital tablet was ever invented!

Although I had some drawing skills, I did not know how to use color. I wanted my digital paintings to be more colorful, vibrant and like-like, but they always turned out to be grey or desaturated. If I got some good color digitally, it was by accident or luck. Color was definitely one of my weaknesses.

Eventually I got so frustrated. I was tired of grayscale digital painting. I was tired of getting un-natural looking colors and getting inconsistent results.
Does this sound like you?

If you’ve been drawing and painting in Photoshop or other painting software for a while, or are experienced in working digitally, but feel stuck, scared or unsure about color, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is The Laws of Color?

The Laws of Color is the ultimate Photoshop painting and coloring course for digital artists. This course will give you the tools and information you need to finally begin painting in color or dramatically improve your color skills.

Students will learn how to see and use color like an expert painter. Learn professional techniques so you can start to use color in your digital painting, illustrations and digital artwork.

If you love painting digital, and have been struggling with color for months or years and finally want to start painting in color the right way and get consistent results, then this is the course for you.

How does the digital painting course work?

The Laws of Color is an information packed and immersive video course. Students will get unlimited access to over 4 hours of video content. The video training begins with a lecture that introduces the core concepts and fundamentals of color. Then there are a series of step by step demonstrations to help you apply the information in the lectures.

The Laws of Color Photoshop Bundle includes Volume 1 and Volume 2 (see below for full content list). Start with the Vol. 1 lecture and progress to the step by step demonstrations, and then complete the homework assignments to get the most out of the course.

Is this course right painting training for me?

The Laws of Color is the ultimate color course for digital artists. This course is designed for those who are:

  • Transitioning from digital drawing in black and white only to color
  • Wanting to create professional colored pieces for a portfolio
  • Coloring comic book pages and book covers
  • Professional artists or illustrators that wants to take their color to the next level
  • Digital painter or digital artist who wants their work be different and get noticed

If you like drawing and want to finally create color portraits, characters or environments, this course will help you get the color skills you need. Checkout this awesome tutorial on skin color palette .

What’s Inside the Photoshop Digital Painting Course?

Inside the course there are over 4 hours of instructional videos and bonus content.

The Laws of Color Photoshop Bundle includes two volumes. Volume 1 introduces the First Law of Color and builds a foundation of color fundamentals. Volume 2 introduces the second Law of Color and goes into depth on how to apply both laws to digital painting.

Here is the list of the video lessons in each course:

Laws of Color Vol. 1 (Full Version)

  • Introduction: Properties of Color
  • Chapter 1: Lecture – What is the First Law of Color?
  • Chapter 2: Color Mixing in Photoshop Part 1
  • Chapter 3: Color Mixing in Photoshop Part 2
  • Chapter 4: Drawing and Blocking in Shapes
  • Chapter 5: Blocking in Values & Colors
  • Chapter 6: Rendering Part 1
  • Chapter 7: Rendering Part 2
  • Chapter 8: Add Colors
  • Chapter 9: Texture
  • Chapter 10: Finishing Touches
  • Chapter 11: Summary, Review & Conclusion

Laws of Color Volume 2 (Full Version)

  • Chapter 1: Lecture – What is the Second Law of Color?
  • Chapter 2: Color Mixing in Photoshop Part 1
  • Chapter 3: Color Mixing in Photoshop Part 2
  • Chapter 4: Cool Light Painting Demo Part 1
  • Chapter 5: Cool Light Painting Demo Part 2

Bonus Content

Along with the detailed lectures and demonstrations, the Photoshop Bundle includes these bonus features:

#1 – Homework and exercise guides

Both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 have a detailed homework and exercise guide book. Each guidebook has the step by step processes of the painting demo in text form for ease of reference and review. There are also homework exercises to help you practice and improve your new color skills as well as list of recommended materials.

#2 Bonus demonstrations

Both courses include bonus lessons. These bonus lessons expand on the information in the course to help students further apply and expand their new found knowledge of color.

>> Bonus Video Lesson #1 – Green monochrome painting demo

To help you learn the first law of color and to progress in your new color skills and sensibility, this second demo includes a demonstration using only green as a base color. Using one color (monochrome) is a powerful way to learn color fast.

>> Bonus Video Lesson #2 – Character painting demo

Here you will see how I use the Laws of Color to create a finished digital painting of a character. This demo is great for digital artists, character designers and concept artists who want to use the Laws of Color to break into the entertainment industry or professionals who make their work better and more colorful, or expand their abilities to get more clients.

#3 – Reference Images and Photoshop Brushes

Students will get high-resolution references and Photoshop brush files (.abr) to help them follow along with the digital painting course and complete the homework assignment.

Ready to take your color to the next level?

If you’re ready to finally take control of your color and digital painting, and make colorful paintings and digital artwork with confidence, click here to join the Laws of Color course…

About the Author

Chris Legaspi is a long time professional artist, author and educator. He has over 10 years of experience as illustrator and digital artist  in the Entertainment Industry. His work can be seen in hit movies, TV shows and video games. His most notable projects and clients include Deadpool 2, Birds of Prey, Shaft, Star Trek, Marvel, Disney, Warner Bros. Pictures, Netflix and the Simpsons.

One of the qualities that makes Chris different is that he is skilled both painting traditional and digital paint. His digital paintings and illustrations have appeared in several international publications including Star Trek Magazine, Expose’ and Imagine FX.

Along with a successful career in the entertainment industry, Chris has over 10 years of experience as a writer, speaker and instructor Chris has taught at some of the top art schools in the world such as Gnomon School in Hollywood and The New Masters Academy.

Along with being a working professional, Chris is constantly learning and growing as a painter. He was educated at the top private art academies in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and Concept Design Academy.  His teachers and mentors are some of the greatest American masters, most notably Steve Huston, Mark Westermoe, Nathan Fowkes, and Zhaoming Wu.

If I use Sketchbook Pro, Painter or Other Painting Software, can I still take this course?

Yes. The Laws of Color is primarily a color and digital painting course. The focus of the course is to teach fundamental painting principles that apply to all painting mediums like traditional or digital paint.

Although the demonstrations in the course are in Photoshop, the same color principles and techniques, like color mixing and blending colors can be applied to any painting software like Sketchbook Pro or Painter. Because the course is focused on color and the demonstrations work like traditional painting, the process is not much different in Sketchbook Pro or other digital painting apps.

I have had many students take this course who use Sketchbook Pro as the primary digital painting app. Digital artist are encouraged to use the principles and lessons in this course to any medium of their choice.