How to Paint Digitally in Photoshop

As an intermediate digital artist, you may be comfortable creating your sketches using an online paint program but perhaps still a little shaky in the ability to add color that stands out or looks realistic. So, what’s the best way to improve your skills? And is digital art truly the way to go? Will it be respected in the art world? Let’s look at some basic information.

Is It Better to Practice Your Artistic Techniques on an App or on Paper?

It all breaks down to what kind of artist you want to be and what stage you’re at. If you’ve hit the intermediate level of digital drawing, then you’re probably comfortable with that medium and should continue with it to improve your skills, while beginners who are just starting to understand character posing might do better with pencil and paper to get the hang of basic sketching as it can cause less eye strain.

Are You a “Real” Artist If You Only Work in an Online Paint Program?

Some traditionalist artists might tell you that digital painting isn’t a real medium, but just because they prefer to work on canvas doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead. Digital art is becoming more respected in the art world, especially since the world went into quarantine. It’s also a highly sought-after skill for the TV and movie industry, design firms, and video game production companies. Picture your name on the next Disney Pixar credits! However, achieving that kind of success means becoming an expert in the field. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of how to paint digitally which means putting time and effort into some type of art education.

Are Digital / Photoshop Painting Techniques Something Anyone Can Learn?

While most people can improve their artistic skills if they put some serious dedication in, not everyone will be able to produce professional results. There needs to be some sort of underlying talent as well as a daily practice. You also need to be someone who enjoys putting lines down on a page, whether that page is paper or electronic. Since you’re already familiar with digital art and you’re past the sketching stage, we’re guessing you have the gumption to keep going. In that case, art classes, like Laws of Color, can really up your game.

Do You Need to Go to Art School to Learn How to Paint in Photoshop at a Professional Level?

Attending a university that teaches the fine arts can teach you much, but depending on your goals it’s not always necessary. However, to truly succeed in bringing your skills up to an expert level, you’ll most likely need some sort of training. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for an art school education, consider taking courses online from a proven leader in the art field at a much more reasonable price.

What Is the Laws of Color Course and Why Is It for You?

Laws of Color by Chris Legaspi is a 2-part course with over 4 hours of video instruction, exercise guides, homework, and bonus demonstrations which focus on digital color and painting techniques. Chris is a professional artist who has worked for over a decade with movie houses such as Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures, Disney, and Marvel, as well as working on TV shows and video games and teaching at some of the world’s best art schools. His own education was achieved in Los Angeles at private art academies where he was mentored by American masters like Steve Huston and Nathan Fowkes.

Chris understands better than anyone what it takes to create great digital art, and his years as a teacher allow him to present this knowledge to you in a way that is accessible and easy to grasp. If you are serious about putting the effort into becoming a better artist, Chris’s Laws of Color course can help you raise your skills to another level. The best part is, you won’t pay art school prices for this expert course. Right now you can purchase this Photoshop painting class taught by a juggernaut in the entertainment industry for only $99!

Don’t have Photoshop? No problem! The Laws of Color class teaches the fundamental principles of digital painting that can be applied to any painting medium, even on traditional canvas! Chris provides demonstrations in Photoshop, but you can follow along in any digital paint program that has the same capabilities, like Painter or Sketchbook Pro. There’s no need to purchase additional software.

So, are you ready to improve your artistry and bring it to a more professional level? Chris helps you breathe life into your digital paintings with color at an unbelievably low rate compared to what he commands teaching at fine arts schools. This is something you can’t pass up! Click here now to make a purchase and get serious about your art!