Digital Drawing

Digital drawing is still a fairly new phenomenon, but the demand for artists who are able to produce quality digital illustrations continues to grow almost as quickly as the technology to do so advances. Despite the groans of some old-school traditionalists, it looks to be the future of modern art. Luckily, the same technology that allows for the creation of such art also provides easy access to classes from experts in the field.

Are Digital Art Drawing and Painting Difficult to Master?

Many traditional artists have likely thought about making the transition to digital software, like Photoshop, for drawing and painting. The truth is, for some the change can be hard. Both traditional and digital drawing break down to character creation. To create a character in any medium, you won’t succeed without a base artistic talent. Fancy software programs aren’t going to fix your inability to create. With the right teachers though, you can use your bit of talent and the right tools to learn and master how to draw digital art.

If you’ve never had a chance to learn to draw, your best bet is to take some basic traditional drawing classes before diving into an in-depth course on digital painting to be sure your technique is strong enough to keep up with the new information. The Laws of Color course, like many expert courses, was created to help intermediate artists learn to improve their skills with mixing and blending colors and using them to breathe life into digital paintings. If you’re secure in your artistic abilities, however, you should find enough similarities between traditional and digital drawing and painting that the transition should be simplified.

What Are the Real-World Applications of Learning How to Draw Digital Art?

Students who become experts in creating digital art may eventually be able to put those skills to use with an artistic career path or simply find more joy in their hobby of creation. You don’t have to want a job with Disney to love learning and using new techniques. However, if you’re ambitious and have the right skillset, video game and clothing designers as well as entertainment studios often pay good money for illustration and animation experts. While a single art class isn’t likely to get you a job, it could improve your digital art skills, increase your love of creating, and perhaps light a fire under you to learn more.

Is the Author of This Course, Chris Legaspi, a Digital Drawing Expert?

If you’re looking to master the art of digital drawing, you need this course by Chris Legaspi. In over 10 years as a digital artist and illustrator, he’s worked on big name movies by Warner Bros. Pictures, Disney, Marvel, and Netflix, as well as helping create the magic of video games and TV shows. And not only is he an entertainment industry professional, he’s also taught classes at some of the top global art schools for over a decade. He attended private art academies and was mentored by American masters of the field. Chris knows art and he knows how to teach it. He wants to share his knowledge with other artists who are looking to understand the nuances of digital painting.

Can You Still Follow the Laws of Color Course if You Don’t Use Photoshop for Drawing?

While Chris demonstrates his ideas in Photoshop throughout the 2-part video course, students who use other painting software, such as Painter or Sketchbook Pro, can still follow along. This class teaches the art of blending and mixing colors for digital drawing and painting, so even though the software details might be different, as long as you have access to brushes and a palette, the same principles apply. You  may even be able to take some of the techniques he shows you and apply them to traditional painting, though that’s not what the course is intended for. Chris encourages digital artists to use the device and software that they’re comfortable with in order to enhance the skills they already have. You are in no way required to buy a new piece of software in order to take this class.

Why Should You Pay for This Course Instead of Finding a Free Online Tutorial?

It comes down to one word – expertise. If you want to master the art of digital drawing, you need expert knowledge. Chris’s art school background, entertainment industry experience, and a decade of writing, speaking, and teaching at the world’s top art schools means he understands technique and color theory in a way that the average YouTuber doesn’t. Laws of Color is presented by an industry professional with expert knowledge and proven experience in effectively imparting that information in a way that students can understand. At $99 for over 4 hours of instructional video, bonus demonstrations, and homework and exercise guides, Laws of Color provides an art school experience without the art school price.  If you’re ready to get serious about digital art drawing, click here to make your purchase.