Digital Art Classes

As technology has advanced, art has also taken strides forward. New techniques allow artists to create beautiful renderings that aren’t always possible in traditional media. Like the digital publishing industry, digital art classes has dealt with its fair share of traditionalist naysayers, but creating digital paintings and 3D animation is a highly sought after skill in the modern arts.

With the internet’s accessibility, it’s easier for those seeking employment in the arts to find mentors and classes that will improve upon the skills they already have. Online art classes through video and digital classrooms provide knowledge of techniques like shading, drawing, and frame-by-frame editing, allowing creativity to come through in new ways. By taking courses and learning how to use digital tools, artists can bring their ideas into the world more easily.

Why Are So Many Artists Taking Digital Art Classes?

While there will always be a place for traditional artwork in the world, it is thought that art in its digital form may start to surpass it in popularity. Could digital art school students become the biggest art source in modern society? It’s an intriguing notion and one that seems completely plausible given the plethora of platforms on the internet that host various types of art, such as YouTube or Behance.

With the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, many traditional institutions found a way to move their services online, including art museums. It’s easy to see how digital art could contribute to art displays in the future, especially with today’s fascination with virtual and augmented reality. As net art becomes more complex, it’s become a standard part of the art world instead of just a fringe movement.

So, How Do Digital Art School Classes Pertain to You?

While artistic jobs require you to have some innate talent for digital drawing or painting, you also need to know how to use those skills in order to become an expert. Becoming proficient in digital techniques through online art courses can help you achieve your goals for many careers in the art world. For example:

  • Art Restoration
  • Gaming Animation
  • Video Animation
  • Character Animation
  • 2D or 3D Design or Animation
  • Digital Drawing
  • Clothing Design

By taking online art school courses, like those offered here, you’ll learn to hone your craft so you can move beyond hobby and begin applying for the job you really want. Plus, when you understand technique on a higher level and the creativity just flows, the fun factor goes through the roof!

Of All the Online Art Programs, Why Should You Take This One?

Short answer? If you want to become an expert, you need to learn from an expert. Laws of Color was put together by Chris Legaspi, someone with over 10 years of experience as a professional digital artist in the gaming, TV, and movie industries. If you’ve seen films by Disney, Marvel, Netflix, or Warner Bros. in the last few years, you’re familiar with his work, and in addition to his artistic pursuits, he’s also a long-time art school educator and author. That means, not only does he know his stuff, he also knows how to break it down in a way that easily allows others to learn from him – all at a cost much lower than you would pay to take a class at the top notch art schools where he teaches.

Another great thing about this course is that its teachings are adaptable. While Chris does his digital painting in Photoshop in the videos, it is also possible to follow along in Painter, Sketchbook Pro, and other top quality painting software. That’s because most of the instruction is on color and technique, information that’s applicable to every painting medium, possibly even stretching traditional painting on canvas in addition to digital painting programs, though that’s not it’s intended use. While every piece of art software is a little bit different, they all offer the ability to paint and to mix and blend colors, which is the focus of this course. As long you meet the requisite intermediate painting skills, the Laws of Color course should increase your skills and add new tools to your arsenal.

What Are You Waiting For?

An expertly taught course on a growing, in-demand art form that could improve your skills so you can apply for that dream job that would pay for the course hundreds of times over? Are you ready to sign up yet? We thought so! Just click here to sign up for this 2-part Photoshop Color Painting Bundle and let Chris teach you the ins and outs of color and digital painting.